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Ruth Richards
Culture. Communication. Collaboration.


I specialise in helping individuals and teams to work more effectively together. 

People work with people. The relatioships we have with those we work with drive not just our success, but also how good we feel about being at work.

This is even more true in a hybrid world. Hybrid work means we need to be more explicit about how we want teams to work, and individuals need to take responsibility for building relationships that get the work done.

There's no point spending money on expensive workplace wellbeing interventions, complex productivity tools, or intricate strategy documents if your teams don't know how to work together productively.

Influence, negotiation, resilience, building rapport, having open, productive conversations and tackling the tough stuff. All of these are essential skills for the workplace. Businesses and individuals cannot thrive without them.

The good news is: these are all skills that can be learnt and developed. 

The even better news is: I'm here to help.

About Me

I am a consultant, facilitator, coach and trainer.

I spent 17 years working in senior roles, up to and including Executive Director, in complex and ever-changing environments. Now I work with a range of organisations and individuals to harness the power of connection, communication and collaboration.


My working style is positive and down to earth. I always adapt my approach to suit your culture or preferences. 

I am a fully trained and accredited member of the ICF (ACC level) and abide by their code of ethics.

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