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Rocky Beach


I've worked with a lot of fantastic people. Here's what some of them had to say. 

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"I found Ruth’s coaching style to be engaging, thoughtful and insightful. I appreciated her attentive and active listening, and her thought-provoking questions. 


Ruth made me feel safe, supported and has given me insight that will continue to help me far beyond our sessions. I highly recommend her as a coach. " 

External Affairs Director, charity sector

"I have been working with Ruth for almost a year now, having started during a period of transition within my career. Through her calm, empathetic, communication style and expert knowledge, she was quickly able to help me understand the underlying drivers behind my insecurities and we worked together to set achievable goals for where I wanted to be.

The insight in to my behaviours and actions Ruth has given me has allowed me to overcome the obstacles I was putting in front of myself, and I’m now far more equipped to manage even my most challenging situations."

Marketing Director, private sector

"Having just completed my first six coaching sessions with Ruth I'm feeling inspired, balanced and excited about continuing my journey in leadership.

Ruth has a great ear for listening and way of getting to the heart of the matter through her questions and conversation. I'd recommend Ruth as a coach and look forward to working with her again."

Group Director of Marketing and Communications, private sector

"Each session was an eye opener for me, Ruth created a psychologically safe space which enabled me to explore and delve deeply into areas that helped me open up my perspective and made my challenge my own previously held beliefs about certain things. I have since been able to use my reflections to make some tangible changes for the better.

As a coach, Ruth embodies all of the qualities you would want and more - she is astute, emotionally intelligent, engaging and thoughtful with a great sense of humour. I can not recommend Ruth highly enough!"

Senior Manager, public sector

"Ruth facilitated my team away day. From the initial discussion, Ruth helped me articulate clear objectives and tested different options to ensure the delivery was tailored to the team culture.

On the day, I was particularly impressed by Ruth's ability to create an inclusive and safe space. As a result all team members actively engaged in open and constructive conversations about how we work together and what we can do to improve. We achieved all our objectives and I am pleased to see learning being tangibly put into practice."

Director of Development, charity sector

"Ruth is a calm and compassionate coach. She is intuitive and observant which enabled her to unlock my thinking and really helped me move forward.

Ruth has a great sense of humour and a light touch that creates a positive coaching environment. Her past experiences in a variety of different roles really bring a wisdom and informed quality to her coaching. I would highly recommend her."

Self employed, creative industry

"Ruth provided a safe space for reflection and reflective learning which I truly appreciated.

My self awareness has increased which has resulted in me thinking more flexibly about my role and performance.

This will be most impactful in my interactions with colleagues as I have more clarity and a renewed sense of purpose."

Director of Services, private sector

"From the very beginning, Ruth put me at ease and provided a safe and open space for me to be able to talk and share freely without fear of judgement.

I enjoyed the variety of approaches she used depending on the issues we were working on. Ruth's warm and supportive style makes her an excellent coach and I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Executive coach

"Ruth has an incredible coaching style which is both playful and warm, but never shies away from asking the more challenging questions.


Ruth brings both compassion and humility into the coaching sessions and consistently time flies when we've had sessions together."

Executive Coach and NED

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