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Off-the-shelf experiences to improve communciation and collaboration

Colleagues Working Together

Working better together

This is a one-off, interactive workshop which brings together a team (or teams) to focus on co-working.

We discuss:

  • Shared purpose

  • Values - individual and team

  • How we communicate

  • How we tackle issues together

  • How we cope with pressure and stress

Throughout the day, the group will develop a team charter for how they work together, which they can take away and refer back to.

£1,250 one day, face to face

£1,000 one day, online

tackling tough conversations

This is a one-day training course packed with practical tips and tools.

Aimed at developing leaders, this course is designed for those who want to get better at having open, courageous conversations.

  • How to build relationships that can hold difficult conversations

  • Negotiating, influencing and persuading

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Giving (and receiving) feedback

  • Lots of opportunity to discuss and practice

All participants receive a workbook to take away and keep.

£1,550 one day, face to face

£1,350 two half-day, online sessions

Support Group

Understanding and building resilience

This course takes a positive and proactive approach to mental health, and is aimed at help individuals find practical ways to boost their own resilience.

We cover:

  • Some of the theory behind what resilience means, and what can help or hinder our resilience

  • Lots of self-coaching tools to help boost resilience

  • How to set and maintain boundaries

I also offer Resilience for Line Managers, which explores how to support those who may be struggling while maintaining boundaries


All participants receive a workbook to take away and keep, packed with self coaching tools and practical tips.

£850 half day, face to face

£700 half day, online

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