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Online training

These high impact, accessible short courses are aimed at individuals who want to make more impact in their roles. They focus on the topcs that will help you work more effectively with others - those you manage, your peers and those more senior.

Each course is about 60-90 minutes long, and is designed to give you insights and tools you can use straightaway.

If you'd like to bulk buy courses for your team, please contact me.

lead and develop your team

This course is packed with bite-sized insights for new and experience managers alike. It explores how to motivate, develop and support a team, particularly in the hybrid world.

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persuasion and negotiation

Not just for salespeople and hostage negotiators, this course looks at how we can all persuade more effectively by using simple tools and listening strategically.

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tackling tough conversations

Do you dread certain conversations? This short course will help you understand why, and develop techniques to feel calmer and more confident when dealing with difficult conversations.

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Confidence and charisma

Tackle your gremlins and banish your imposter syndrom. This course offers lots of opportunity to reflect, and explores what it really means to be charismatic.


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