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I love to solve problems. I've worked with a range of organisations and teams to address the issues they are facing around culture, communication and collaboration.

Big or small, I'd love to have a chat about what you need.

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Before starting work, we need to build a full understanding of what is going on and desired outcomes.

This process might involve one-to-one sessions with a range of individuals, a focus group or a short briefing call with the relevant team lead.

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Once I have an understanding of what is needed, I will agree objectives with you, and design a programme to work with your team or teams.

This is an iterative process, to ensure that you are happy the proposal will meet your needs.

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I can deliver a range of interventions depending what is needed – from internal research and strategy development, to facilitated meetings, to half or full day workshops.

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I believe that every project requires an evaluation and agreed next steps to make sure changes and learning are embedded.

This could mean a coaching follow up call with the project lead to explore next steps, or a workshop with the team to assess progress after a few months.

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