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Coaching is at the heart of everything I do. All of my work is built upon the coaching principles of active listening and supportive challenge. The answers lie with you and I can help you find them.

Team and group coaching

I work with teams, facilitating conversations to help you build trust, develop strategy and work more effectively together. 

I can also develop and deliver group coaching programmes for people from across your organsiation, focusing on interpersonal skills and self-awareness.

Support Groups
Working at home

one-to-one coaching

One to one executive coaching to support with a range of topics, including:


  • Self confidence 

  • Influencing and profile-building

  • Stepping into a new role

  • Working relationships and styles

  • Managing transitions

I work with individuals to find solutions that work for them, providing a safe space for open discussion. 

I offer a free, no-obligation intro call for anyone interested in 1:1 coaching. 

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