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What I do

I bring coaching principles to all of my work, creating safe spaces that empower individuals and teams to find their own solutions. 

I'm always happy to have a chat about what you need, and to develop a proposal. I'm a big believer in bespoke solutions.  Just get in touch. 


One to one executive coaching to support with a range of topics, including:

  • Self confidence 

  • Influencing and profile-building

  • Stepping into a new role

  • Working relationships and styles

  • Managing transitions

I work with individuals to find solutions that work for them, providing a safe space for open discussion. 

I offer a free, no-obligation intro call for anyone interested in 1:1 coaching.


External faciliatation can help meetings work more effectively. I will work with you to understand your aims and team.


By helping you have the conversations you need to have in a productive way, I can help you work more effectively together.

workshops and away days

I design and deliver workshops and away days for teams, working with you to ensure each session is engaging and meets your objectives.

  • Team building

  • Culture and psychological safety

  • Leadership development programmes

  • Change implementation

  • Strategy development

group coaching

Group coaching gives individuals the opportunity to experience the power of coaching and develop their own coaching skills.


I can deliver a full programme, or one off action learning sets.

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